Why VertiMax?

In a nutshell: to improve speed, an athlete must increase his ability to produce power. The   equation above tells us that to improve power an athlete must increase either the [FORCE] or the [VELOCITY] elements of the power equation, or both elements simultaneously. When training to maximize both the FORCE and VELOCITY elements of the power equation, the graphs below will indicate how VertiMax outperforms either plyometrics or weight training.


VertiMax Training is incorporated with other training sessions or can be used on a By Appointment basis.


VertiMax is the core device for Speed, Agility, & First Step Quickness at COREATHLETICS ... and for good reason:


The last four out of five Super Bowl champions and 21 of last year's 25 top-ranked major college football training programs own and use VertiMax!


The three largest NFL football training facilities own 13  VertiMax!


Of 2006's NCAA Division I Basketball Elite Eight teams, six of the men's and five of the women's programs own and use a VertiMax for basketball training. This includes men's national champion Florida and women's national runner-up Duke. 
2008 NCAA Elite Eight team - Davidson College - utilizes the  VertiMax  system as part of their comprehensive training program.


VertiMax is used by top MLB teams; NHL Stanley Cup winner Tampa Bay Lightning uses it for hockey training; and top-ranked European Soccer Clubs use it for soccer training, also in the NBA, Olympic wrestling, recently introduced to the MMA-UFC Mix Martial Arts. And the Boxing industry.  It is being introduced to all GLOBAL SPORTS “COREATHLETICS  ACADEMY” Believes in being head of the game.