The Role of Biomechanics


biomechanics: performance enhancement, and injury prevention or rehabilitation. Biomechanics enhance performance by utilizing mechanical principles to improve an individual’s technique, the equipment they use, and to modify specific training protocols that the coach or trainer implements to help an individual achieve their goals.


Similarly, for injury prevention and rehabilitation, biomechanics is used to develop techniques that reduce the chance of injury as well as changes in equipment design that may reduce injury.


What is the goal of a coach or personal fitness trainer? – To help trainees reach their goals in the most efficient, effective and safest way possible.


Compare this with the goals of biomechanics training – To reach goals (performance enhancement) in the most efficient, effective, and safest (injury prevention) way possible.


One of the primary goals of this chapter is to empower the coach or personal trainer with a solid foundation in biomechanics. Another is to introduce everyone to a new way of looking at exercise in general.


This new perspective in performance biomechanics training to create a better hybrid athlete that will learn to adapt and their mechanic movement