My name is Marcos Matthews, I was born in Woodland Hills, raised in Simi Valley, California. Growing up I went through the Cal South Club Soccer System and played in the Developmental League for a two years before getting scouted to play over seas in England. I currently play for CD Leganes B & C in Madrid, Spain. Being exposed to Tercera Division, 4th division, and 1 Regional Madrid Division, 5th division, has allowed me to get a step closer to my dreams. One of the main reasons why I was good enough to play over seas and still be able to continue to defeat the odds is the way I train not just with the team but also outside the team. The facility that helped me to get an advantage on training was CoreAthletics. Began to train at CoreAthletics at the age of 15, freshman in high school while playing high school ball. Within the first season you could already see that I was developing quicker at much faster rate than the rest of the players. It goes to show how well the training benefited me, now I am the only American playing with Leganes. Coming from a strong training background I want to do the, “impossible,” I want to make and one day going to make Leganes’s first team within a few years. While also working towards the US Men’s National team for the next 2022 World Cup in Qata