Cross-country athletes should strongly consider using Coreathletics Academy as an add-on to their year-round running regimen. This yearly preparation is designed entirely upon the fact that runners never really take much time off from running. A typical high school cross-country in-season will usually last from the beginning of September through October, and for college typically September through the middle of November. This calendar time frame does not take into account if a cross-country runner participates in the spring track and field season, which typically runs from April through May or June. 

The year-round training workouts are adjusted according to the runner's running load that should be predetermined for each running day throughout the week. The training does not stop, it is adjusted and tailored to the athlete’s needs based on the season within the training year, how close they are to a race, and what they are working toward during that phase of running. Remember, the goal for training is to make the cross-country athlete running ready.

With cross-country being such a repetitive sport, we understand that we are not to wear them down anymore then what they are getting when actually participating in preparation for a meet. Meaning we will maintain the strength gains we worked so hard to get as the different seasons progress. Also, Coreathletics Academy's Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) will focus on keeping their legs fresh and ready to compete and are here to implement our training methodologies for the       cross-country athlete based on our motto Speed, Power, Core.