Combine/Pro Day preparation is one of the most high profile endeavors a physical preparation coach can undertake. It is one of the few occasions where the bright light shines on your athlete and your work is so directly impacting their performance, not to mention that the quality of that performance is so easily measured and a few hundredths of seconds or inches can have a great impact on their success.

Alactic Speed Work-Max velocity sprint work and acceleration work done with full recoveries. I am shocked about the lack of true speed work that most college football players have done in their training career. Often when I ask them, “what kind of speed work did you do at school?” I am often met with a response like 110s or Gassers. Max velocity sprint work in the 30-60yd range is the fastest speed that the human body can reach and will have a significant carryover to strength development. Remember when organizing an athlete’s training that ‘weights follow speed’, not just in a chronological sense (you should always sprint before lifting) but also from the standpoint of if you have a great day sprinting and jumping (ie. Hitting PRs) you should reduce the workload of weights for that day to avoid ‘overflowing your cup’


Jump Training-Developing linear and vertical power in jumping drills will not only improve your performance in the broad jump and vertical jump, it will also dramatically improve your abilities in the 10yd portion of the 40yd dash and change of direction drills. Jumps, particularly shock training like depth jumps, need to be used strategically as they present a tremendous stimulus to the body from both a speed and strength standpoint.